Stormy in Heaven

After thirteen wonderful years on the road, Stormy is using this blog to communicate with all his fans from his hammock in cat heaven where he is cuddled next to Princess and is still nipping her ear.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Sedona Book Festival

Hi fans,

Daddy returned home yesterday from having a table at the Sedona Book Festival with a smile on his face. He and a friend were at the festival to promote the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Yavapai College and he had copies of my book for sale at the table as well. Daddy got inspired to finish my book as a result of taking Dewey Laramie's Writing for Fun class at OLLI and the class was truly fun. My good sense of humor had classmates rolling in the aisles as he read some of the stories I dictated to him. So this is why copies of my book were for sale yesterday.

I know Daddy didn't expect to sell any books, but people just couldn't resist my cute cover pose of sleeping on my back in a hammock. When they came over to find out about the book and thumb through it, they all laughed at the photo cartoons we created.  Then when they were told that the profits were going to the Verde Valley Humane Society and the Kreutz Creek Valley Library, six books were sold by the end of the day! That was much better than other folks were doing. In addition, one person who bought the book earlier in the day came back in the late afternoon just to tell Daddy how much he enjoyed reading it. That was so exciting that I nearly fell out my hammock!

As a result of online sales and yesterday's sales, Daddy and Mommy were able to make their first donations of the profits to the Verde Valley Humane Society and the Kreutz Creek Library. I can sleep much easier (day and night) knowing that even though I am in Kitty Heaven, my stories are helping these two worthy causes. Please remember that Daddy and Mommy are making my book available on consignment to Humane Societies and Libraries throughout the United States. For each book sold, the organizations keep $4 and they have no outlay of cash. Now you can see why I choose this family to adopt. I could sense their generosity right away, especially after they fed me my first meal the day I turned up after an Arizona rainstorm. You are just going to have to read the book to find out more about that story.

Later my friends,