Stormy in Heaven

After thirteen wonderful years on the road, Stormy is using this blog to communicate with all his fans from his hammock in cat heaven where he is cuddled next to Princess and is still nipping her ear.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Copies of "Life Is A Hammock" Now Available

Consignment copies of "Life is a Hammock" have now arrived at Mommy and Daddy's home in Cottonwood, AZ and I have to admit, I do look very handsome on the cover.

When Mommy and Daddy moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona in April 2009, they packed all their belongings into three Smart Move pods as they did not have a place to live and would be camping until they bought a house. Since space was limited, they were scrupulous in weeding out their belongings and Daddy got rid of all the slides he had taken over the years that included many of the pictures of Princess and me. The only pictures he kept were the prints he had made up.

Their new life in Arizona gave Daddy time to put into words all the stories I have been sending him and "Life is a Hammock" came into existence. We wanted to include pictures along with the stories, but since Mommy and Daddy got rid of all the slides, we didn't have what we needed. Daddy decided to sign up for a drawing class to see if he could illustrate the scenes we wanted to depict. He quickly learned that his talents lie elsewhere.

Our solution was to find photos on the internet that were not copyright protected and with the use of Photoshop extract pieces of the photos and combine them with others to create the photo cartoons. The only true picture of me is on the cover, but I was sleeping on the floor at the time and not in a hammock. The picture on the back of Princess and myself on the cat tree is a real picture.

I'm sorry to debunk the myth that these are real pictures of our adventures. The adventures were real but we no longer had the photos to go along with them. I think Daddy did a pretty good job on creating the photo cartoons. I hope you enjoy them.